Doug Thorburn


How to Spot
Hidden Alcoholics:

Using Beahvioral Clues
to Recognize Addiction
in its Early Stages

Drunks, Drugs & Debits:
How To Recognize
Addicts and Avoid
Financial Abuse

Get Out Of the Way!
How To Identify and
Avoid a Driver Under
the Influence

Coming January 2005...
Alcoholism Myths
and Realities:
Removing the Stigma
from Society's Most
Destructive Disease

About the Author

Doug Thorburn accidentally stumbled into the field of addiction by becoming romantically involved with an alcoholic. Surviving and vowing "never again," he set out to learn all he could about addiction. What he discovered was amazing. While learning to protect himself from "a next time," he found that addiction explains huge swaths of human misbehaviors. These include most historic and current non-natural disasters and the vast majority of serious relationship and family issues, along with many if not most financial and business tragedies. Thorburn slowly realized that understanding this most under-studied subject could have prevented not only his own tragedy, but countless others as well.

However, were it not for his clients, Thorburn could not have written the most revolutionary books on addiction ever. He not a therapist, a doctor nor a psychiatrist. In fact, had Thorburn been any of these, he probably couldn't have come up with the ideas and plans of action presented in his works, for there would have been too much to un-learn. Instead, his clients are people just like you who come to Doug for tax preparation and financial planning advice. He added the most important component to his counseling, the information you will find in his books, when he figured out that almost everyone who experienced repeated financial problems was being impacted in some way by an alcohol or other drug addict.

Thorburn views his work in the field of addiction as far more important than merely helping people save taxes and invest wisely. This is because nothing will wipe out one's wealth and ability to earn an income faster than becoming involved in any way with a practicing addict.

He enjoys his work as an Enrolled Agent (EA) and Certified Financial Planner licensee (CFP). Thorburn has been an EA (also known as "Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service") since being in the top 21 of all 5000+ candidates for the Enrolled Agent exam in 1978. He has also been a CFP since 1983.

In addition, Thorburn is Certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and is a bit of an expert in Keirseyan Temperament (see ). These do much to describe, predict and explain healthy human behaviors. Understanding these systems was essential in the development of the ideas presented in his work. He found that a number of factors explain the various forms that addiction takes, but nothing does so better than Type and Temperament. In particular, it helps to predict who is likely to be mis-diagnosed as having which specific Personality Disorder(s) while they are practicing addicts.

While Type and Temperament is a superb tool for understanding healthy human behavior, addiction sheds light on unhealthy behaviors. Doug Thorburn invites you to share his discoveries in the sincere hope of preventing tragedy in your own life.