Doug Thorburn


Alcoholism Myths
and Realities

Removing the Stigma
from Mankind's Most
Destructive Disease

How to Spot
Hidden Alcoholics:

Using Beahvioral Clues
to Recognize Addiction
in its Early Stages

Drunks, Drugs & Debits:
How To Recognize
Addicts and Avoid
Financial Abuse

Get Out Of the Way!
How To Identify and
Avoid a Driver Under
the Influence

Thorburn Addiction Report
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Issue #057 - August
(Governing Under the Influence: the City of Bell and its Grotesque(ly Overpaid) City Manager, Robert Rizzo)
Issue #056 - July
(Lonnie David Franklin, Jr., Now Linked to The Grim Sleeper Killings, Again Proves we can’t Predict how Destructive an Addict may Become—or When )
Issue #055 - June
(Most accidents require an alcoholic. This includes great and tragic ones, including oil gushers.)
Issue #054 - March-May
(Alcoholism and Your Clients)
Issue #053 - January-February
(top story -- More Evidence that Terrorism is Fueled by Addiction to Psychotropic Substances: The Possible Role of Khat

Issue #052 - November/December
(top story – Drug-addicted enabler to Anthony Sowell, Lori Frazier—and a slew of drug-addicted victims)
Issue #051 - October
(top story – Phillip Garrido, who kidnapped and raped 11-year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard...)
Issue #050 - August/September
(top story – Diane Schuler: A Tragic Case of Hidden Alcoholism)
Issue #049 - July
(top story – Michael Jackson was enabled to his death)
Issue #048 - June
(top story – James W. Von Brunn, Racist Octogenarian—and Alcoholic)
Issue #047 - May
(top story – White Collar Criminals, Like Other Crooks, are Usually Alcoholics)
Issue #046 - February-April
(top story – Octomom’s confabulated thinking suggests addiction)
Issue #045 - January
(top story -- Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich: His God-Complex Indicates Alcoholism)

Issue #044 - November/December
(top story -- Recession, Unemployment and Alcoholism: Why Violence, On the Road and Off, Could Worsen in the Coming Economic Contraction)
Issue #043 - September/October
(top story -- Presidential Contenders: Sons of Alcoholics)
Issue #042 - August
(top story -- Bruce Ivins, anthrax suspect. Verdict: alcoholic)
Issue #041 - July
(top story -- Foreclosures and alcoholism: Johnny Carson sidekick Ed McMahon, U.S. Rep. Laura Richardson and boxer Evander Holyfield)
Issue #040 - June
(top story -- Austrian monster Josef Fritzl: he could be simply crazy, but...)
Issue #039 - April/May
(top story -- Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is almost universally described as "flamboyant.")
Issue #038 - March
(top story -- Actors Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro succumb to "accidental" overdoses)
Issue #037 - January/February
(top story -- Jim Leyritz, Baseball Hero, Alcoholism Enabled — and an Innocent Person Dies)

Issue #036 - December
(top story -- DUIs as a clue to danger lurking elsewhere — Celebrity plastic surgeon Jan Adams)
Issue #035 - November
(top story -- "America’s Sheriff" Michael S. Carona: Is He Merely Corrupt, or is He Alcoholic?)
Issue #034 - October
(top story -- O.J. Simpson arrested...again. Another example of alcoholics pitted against alcoholics in the criminal justice system)
Issue #033 - September
(top story -- NBA's Eddie Griffin was Enabled to Death. Will Starlets Lohan, Spears and Richie be Next?)
Issue #032 - August
(top story -- The Mortgage Mess, The Real Estate Bubble and Alcoholism)
Issue #031 - July
(top story -- L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, his wife Michelle, and Alcoholism)
Issue #030 - June
(top story -- Music Producer Phil Spector -- Confused, Crazy...or just an Alcoholic?)
Issue #029 - April/May
(top story -- An Addict's Rage -- Mass Murderer Cho)
Issue #028 - February/March
(top story -- Hugo Chavez, Totalitarian Alcoholic)
Issue #027 - January
(top story -- Actor Wesley Snipes, Tax Evasion and Addiction)

Issue #026 - December
(top story -- Alcoholic Stoops to New Low: the Brief Return of O.J. Simpson)
Issue #025 - November
(top story -- Havoc for the Right: Mark Foley, Ann Coulter and Rev. Ted Haggard)
Issue #024 - September/October
(top story -- Terrorism and Addiction)
Issue #023 - August (top story -- Actor-Director Mel Gibson's Horrific Relapse)
Issue #022 - July
(top story -- The World Cup, Alcoholism, Violence and Racism)
Issue #021 - June (top story -- How Many Times will Kennedy Fans Enable before he Dies from his Disease?)
Issue #020 - April/May
(top story -- Duke University" Addicts Abound)
Issue #019 - March (top story -- Olympian Chad Hedrick: Immature or Over-Achieving Alcoholic?)
Issue #018 - February (top story -- Bode Miller: Olympian Skier, Party Boy and Likely Non-Alcoholic ENTP)
Issue #017 - January (top story -- Competition Freaks, the Super Bowl and Alcoholism)

Issue #016 - December
(top story -- “Tookie” Williams: Alcoholism, Sobriety and Redemption?)
Issue #015 - November (top story -- Has Bush Relapsed?)
Issue #014 - September
(top story -- New Orleans, Alcoholism and the Next Catastrophe)
Issue #013 - August (top story -- Suicide Bombers and Alcoholism)
Issue #012 - July
(top story -- Drug Lords: Criminalization May Increase Terrorism Risks)
Issue #011 - June
(top story -- Monster Dad: Why did Jerry Hobbs murder his own daughter?)
Issue #010 - May
(top story -- Anna Ayala gives a Finger to Wendy's)
Issue #009 - April
(top story -- Survivor's" Richard Hatch, Tax Evasion and Alcoholism)
Issue #008 - March
(top story -- Haidl Gang-Rape Trial--Addicts Everywhere)
Issue #007 - February
(top story -- Michael Jackson, Polydrug Addict, and (Therefore) Capable of Committing Awful Acts)
Issue #006 - January
(top story -- Actor Robert Blake, Alcoholic)

Issue #005 - December
(top story -- NBA Brawl)
Issue #004 - November
(top story -- Yasir Arafat, Amphetamine Addict)
Issue #003 - October
(top story -- Kim Jong Il--an Alcoholic with Nukes)
Issue #002 - September
(top story -- Scott Peterson, Murderer and Likely Alcoholic)
Issue #001 - August
(top story -- Kobe Bryant--Victim to an Addict)

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