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Alcoholism Myths and Realities
Removing the Stigma of Society's
Most Destructive Disease

Endorsements and Testimonials

“Every policymaker in America needs to read your book exposing the myths of chemical addiction...Hopefully, your book will help educate those who write the laws so we, as a nation, can do what works—prevention and treatment! ...Excellent book.”
— Congressman Jim Ramstad (MN),
Member, Ways and Means Committee and Health Subcommittee

"Now is the time to abandon superstition and pseudoscience, to debunk the myths surrounding alcoholism, and to apply science to solving this problem. Doug Thorburn's book is a model example of how this should be done…Be prepared to change your thinking...” [read more]
— Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, monthly columnist for Scientific American, and author of Why People Believe Weird Things

“Read this book! Especially if you DON’T think you are in relationship — be it intimate, family, friendship, colleague or neighbor — with an addict.” [read more]
— Holly J. Hopkins, Executive Director
I SAW YOU Safety & Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

“...a wonderful review of the myths of alcoholism, the effects on the brain, its biochemistry and related behavioral outcomes... Extraordinarily enlightening.” [read more]
— Robert Prechter, CMT, Author, Socionomics

"If people listen, this work will revolutionize the field of addiction."” [read more]
— Father Jack Shirley, Order of St. Augustine,
Spiritual Reflections for a Recovering Alcoholic

“ of the most important messages that anyone could deliver to society.”” [read more]
— Jack Buehler, MA, LMHP, LADC, NCAC II

"Divorce, child abuse, spousal abuse, false accusations, parental alienation syndrome—addiction plays a hidden role in these social pathologies far more often than you might imagine." [read more]
— Glenn Sacks, nationally syndicated radio talk show host

“A sensitive, easy-to-comprehend work and a crowning achievement!”
— Irwin Zucker, President, Promotion in Motion
Founder/Pres. Emeritus, Book Publicists of Southern California

“An innovative and enlightening examination of alcoholism. Alcoholism Myths and Realities explodes the myths that almost everyone believes about addiction.”
— Joan Harter, M.S., Certified Addictions Treatment Specialist

“As an interventionist, I have seen countless families affected by a loved one’s alcoholism. Alcoholism Myths and Realities gives them the tools to identify this disease and intervene without guilt.”
— Pat Moomey, Certified Addictions Treatment Specialist

“Brilliant insights. A must read—not just for those who know they are involved with alcoholics, but even more so for everyone else.”
— Bob Wall, Martial Artist, Actor

“Both of my parents died prematurely of alcoholism. Neither died gracefully, but suffered from painful years of alcohol dependency. There is no greater threat to one's life than a close alcoholic loved one. Knowing the signs and symptoms of early alcoholism offers a chance for intervention and recovery. This book is literally a life saver."
— Shawn Steel, former Chairman, California Republican Party


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