Celebrity Addicts?

Our goal is not to blame or berate, but rather to explain. Bizarre, inconsiderate, abusive, unethical and criminal conduct is often driven by alcohol or other drug addiction. When the addiction drives the behaviors, the addiction must be arrested before the behaviors have any chance of improving. Our goal is to be able to identify addiction in its early formative stages so that we can intervene and prevent tragedy, rather than react to it. Our works are totally focused on this goal.

We are also working to eliminate the stigma of alcoholism, so that we will no longer hesitate to identify it. Then, perhaps, it will be considered defamation to not assume alcoholism when the behaviors so indicate.

Doug Thorburn

Following is a list of celebrities, alive or deceased, who display symptoms of alcohol or other drug addiction and who have admitted to addiction at one time or another, or for whom alcoholism is so obvious that I would welcome a lawsuit for defamation. Note: many of these celebrities are either in recovery or, from time to time, try sobriety. Note also: misbehaviors vary from the relatively innocuous to grotesque. This is the nature of alcoholism. It is also in its nature to drive over-achievement, accounting for what I consider to be the grand paradox of alcoholism: the highly functional, over-achieving addict.

Courtney Love

James Brown

Matthew Perry

Bruce Willis

Don Johnson

Henri Paul

Brad Renfro

Roger Ebert

Steven Tyler

Jack Nicholson

Doo Lynn

George Clooney

Nick Nolte

Phil Spector

Aaron Sorkin

Ja Rule

Bill Moyers Jr.

Warren Zevon

Charlie Sheen

Martin Sheen

Christian Slater

Keanu Reeves

Yasmine Bleeth

Tim Allen

Gene Anthony Ray

George Watson

Paula Poundstone

Kerry Collins

John Spencer

Murray Jordan

Robert Downey, Jr.

Samuel L. Jackson

O.J. Simpson

Ginger Lynn Allen

Fred Hirsch

Ben Affleck

A.J. Maclean

Robert Blake

Steve Earle

Rush Limbaugh

Whitney Houston

Bobby Brown

Ray Charles

Tommy Lee

Marty Stuart

Eric Douglas

David Hasselhoff

Shannen Doherty

Carolyn Bessette

Ted Kennedy

James Hetfield

Chris Webber

Greg "Cadillac" Anderson

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Harry Christopher "Skip" Caray, Jr.

Anthony Michael Hall

Oksana Baiul

Roosevelt Potts

Johnny Depp

Michael Jackson

James Gandolfini

Nicole Richie

Tom Sizemore

Larry Hagman

Michael Lohan

Ozzy Osbourne

Linda Lovelace

Lindsay Lovelace

Austin Wiggin

Danny Bonaduce

Tawny Kitaen Finley

Ken Daneyko

Ken Wahl

Mary J. Blige

John Daly

Chuck Negron

Don Simpson

Michael Kennedy

Ted Turner

Clayton Holmes

Demi Moore

Dennis Quaid

Jamie Lee Curtis

Oliver Stone

Jason Robards

Anthony Hopkins

George C. Scott

"Mookie" Blaylock

Jim Brown (NFL)

John Denver

Juliette Lewis

Kiefer Sutherland

Robert Pastorelli

Jeremy London

Mel Gibson

Cameron Douglas

Glen Campbell

Yancy Butler

Wynonna Judd

Kim Delaney

Darryl Strawberry

Kelly McGillis

Dominique Simpson

Jack Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

Dina Lohan

John Larroquette

Elizabeth Taylor

George W. Bush

Tonya Harding

Billy Bob Thornton

Michael Skakel

Hugo Chavez

Kim Jong Il

Saddam Hussein

Yasser Arafat

Jimmy Swaggart

Jim Bakker

Mark Hughes

Rex DeGeorge

The following list is one of celebrities or other public persons who, at one time or another, have displayed behavioral indications of alcoholism but for whom poor behaviors, to the best of my knowledge, have not been linked to heavy use of alcohol or other drugs and who have not admitted to having the disease of alcoholism. They have engaged in at least periodic misbehaviors because they are true idiots or fundamentally bad people, or because they have the disease of alcoholism, which would explain the behaviors. We give them the benefit of the doubt by assuming alcoholism, but that might be considered defamation of character in today's society.

Rod Ansell

Patrick Swayze

Fabian Basabe

Barbara Bush (dtr)

Jenna Bush

Robert Solomon

Paris Hilton

Mike Tyson

Sharon Stone

Ann Coulter

Halle Berry

James DeBello

Britney Spears

Marlon Brando

Debra Lafave

Patrick Weld

Jay Overbye

Charlize Theron

Joey Buttafuoco

Alec Baldwin

Barry Minkow

Bill Clinton

Anthony Owens

Steve Austin

David Soul

Allen Iverson

Robert Mugabe

Arthur Evans

James Carradine

L. Dennis Kozlowski

John S. Carroll

John Stamos

Enza Sambataro

E.G. "Bud" Shuster

Carolyn Skelly

Marco Pantani

Janet Reno

Al Sharpton

Marie Elise West

Russell Crowe

Steve Irwin

Brian Griese

Ron Perelman

Patricia Duff

Linda Wachner

Scott Peterson

Erin Brockovich

Louis Farrakhan

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