Get Out of the Way!
How To Identify and Avoid a Driver Under the Influence


There is a sole purpose to this book: to prevent tragedy. In my previous work, I made the case that alcohol and other drug addiction is the root cause of 80% or more of society’s ills. I also explained the reason why addicts need to experience pain due to consequences of their misbehaviors, followed by a caring intervention. I suggested that the most effective legal intervention could be apprehending DUIs. Here, I delve further into this argument and provide ways by which to identify not only the driver under the influence, but also the addict who may not be, who can be every bit as dangerous.

In these pages, we will not only show how to identify such drivers and the importance of doing so, but will also make recommendations for changes in public policy that would make our roads safer and our lives far better.

A Special Thanks to My Editor, Scott Dorfman

Scott has been given the extraordinary gift of being able to translate my meaning in a way that allows the reader to understand ideas as I intend. After I plodded through change after change in rewriting the manuscript, he was often able to visualize entire paragraphs as they should be. If it weren’t for his ability, you might not be reading this book. For this, hopefully my reader will join me in extending sincere and heartfelt thanks.

Ironically, a traffic ticket that I received is what brought us together. He was my instructor at traffic school. After listening to him for only a half-hour, I realized that he would be a great editor. This was due to knowledge of Psychological Type and Temperament that I learned from David Keirsey’s work. Scott had previously edited only minor articles, but has done an amazing job in editing my prior book (Drunks, Drugs … Debits: How to Recognize Addicts and Avoid Financial Abuse) and now, this one. Since I still need a translator, I look forward to a continuing working relationship with Scott.

--- end preface

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