How To Spot Hidden Alcoholics
Using Behavioral Clues to Recognize Addiction
in its Early Stages

Reader Comments

“Every counselor, psychologist, physician and interventionist should read this book.” [read more]
— Wallace D. Winters, MD, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor Pharmacology, Toxicology, Anesthesiology, University of California, Davis, School of Medicine; Retired, US FDA Medical Officer, Pacific Region

"Doug offers a wealth of knowledge in understanding addictions and protecting one's self from physical, financial and emotional abuse. His work is essential for anyone struggling to make sense of the destructive or bizarre behaviors found in others."
Claudia Black, Author, It Will Never Happen to Me

“…should be required reading for every teacher, counselor, psychologist, physician, clergy person, lawyer and judge in the country.” [read more]
— Katherine Ketcham, Co-author, Under the Influence, Beyond the Influence and Teens Under the Influence

“How to Spot Hidden Alcoholics is a must read for every social commentator and everyone else who cares about the human condition.” [read more]
— Shawn Steel, former Chairman, California Republican Party

“You’ve put all the pieces together. I truly am enlightened by How to Spot Hidden Alcoholics.”
— Raymond Young, Students Against Substance Abuse

“How to Spot Hidden Alcoholics is important for anyone who struggles with his own or his partner's substance abuse problem." [read more]
— Glenn Sacks, men's issues columnist and radio talk show host

“Doug Thorburn explains something that we all know is true: alcoholics misbehave. His observation that we can reverse this idea – misbehaviors can be an early sign of addiction, regardless of a person’s social or economic stature – gives us new tools that can help us prevent tragedy.”
— Joan Harter, Professor, Alcohol/Drug Studies program, San Bernardino Valley College; President, California Association for Alcohol and Drug Educators

“I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from reading your work.” [read more]
— David Richbourg, Director of Marketing and Media Relations, I Saw You Safety & Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

“I wish a loved one had seen the early signs in my life.”
— Lenna Buissink, recovering alcoholic

“A remarkable book on many levels, it will enable a new interpretation of the past and a positive change in one's future." [read more]
— Thomas E. Page, LAPD, Ret., Drug Recognition Consultant

“As an interventionist, I have seen countless families affected by a loved one’s alcoholism. How to Spot Hidden Alcoholics gives them the tools to identify, understand and do something about this disease.”
— Pat Moomey, Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist

“How to Spot Hidden Alcoholics is truly a masterpiece!” [read more]
— Father Jack Shirley, Order of Saint Augustine, Author, Spiritual Reflections for a Recovering Alcoholic

"Thorburn's methods can be used to help save countless lives. A must read for everyone."
— Joe Pilkington, Vice President, Citizens for Truth about Alcohol Problems

"Must reading for anyone interested in or working in the field of alcohol and other drug addiction."
— Mike Kennedy, DUI class instructor

"My clients will benefit greatly from reading this astounding book."
— Melvin Kreger, Estate and Tax Attorney

"You need to read this book. Most say that it doesn't apply to my friend or possible recruit. Read on—I've been there and wish I had known these ideas before."
— Patricia Morrow, Executive Recruiter

“Early identification of alcoholic behavior offers the best chance for everyone to make appropriate choices supporting healthy communications. Doug’s book is the first to show how this can be done. Superb.”
— Patricia Oliver Ferguson, Assoc. Prof. Communications Studies, Loyola Marymount University

“If I had my way, I’d award a Nobel Prize to Doug Thorburn for his insightful research on how to detect a hidden alcoholic in our midst. How little we know, but how much we learn from this outstanding study.”
— Irwin Zucker, Founder, President Emeritus, Book Publicists of Southern California

“Concisely written, How to Spot Hidden Alcoholics will let you identify a secret addict before you hire one, work for one, partner with one or marry one. This could save your hide."
— Robert Prechter, Author, Elliott Wave Theorist

“A fascinating and absorbing read from cover to cover.” [read more]
— Randy Cassingham, Columnist, ""

“His book is a ‘must read’ for veterinarians and concerned pet owners alike, and will help prevent abuse of the little furry members of our families.” [read more]
— David A. Smith, DVM


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